Professional Services

“Security” is a word not often mentioned out loud in public until the need for security measures actually arise, oftentimes due to the occurrence of an event or incident of which the victims were not properly prepared – or protected. Security measures are oftentimes looked at by many businesses and organizations as being taboo in that either “nothing has happened yet” or that overt security measures are believed to scare away clients and the general public. Although either or both of these positions may have some merit, ultimately there are no excuses for ignoring known or even reasonably foreseeable risks or threats that could compromise the safety and security of the public while also impacting the continuity of a business’s or organization’s operations.

Security measures are all too often thought of as simply the addition of a security guard force, closed-circuit television systems, and or access control systems. Although these and other similar security measures do have their respective places in a comprehensive security plan approach, their simple addition does not always directly address all needs of a business or organization or the actual risks/threats associated with a particular type of business or organization. Unique vulnerabilities must be identified and must be addressed through proper and sometimes creative countermeasures.

As a professional security and investigation consulting firm, LSIS alone brings a unique and creative approach to common and complex security related matters, providing that which has traditionally required many to accomplish. LSIS specializes in a number of security and investigation services tailored to meet the needs of its clients. Generally, these services include:

  • Risk / Threat Assessments
  • Physical Security / Vulnerability Assessments / Gap Assessments
  • Security Program Planning and Evaluation
  • Workplace Violence Prevention Assessments
  • Loss Prevention Assessments
  • Professional Private Investigation Services
  • Witness Identification and Interviews
  • Education and Training
  • Litigation Support and Expert Witness Services